Successful 8th edition of the Soroptimist Film Festival for Kids 2016

Over 8.400 children enjoyed watching films with a message. For the 8th time Soroptimists of 12 SI clubs in the northern part of the Netherlands organized the Best Practice Award winning Soroptimist Film Festival for Kids (SFFK).

With the aim of awareness of the Rights of the Child, this annual festival offers children in the age of 8 till 12 years a look into the lives of children in other situations then their own: children who have to work and thus not having the opportunity to  get an education. Children who have no parents, children who suffer from violence or children who are neglected.  journals, Watching the film with the entire class, offers teachers the opportunity to really dig in to the matter; and this was supported  by the Unicef’s educational material such as guest lectures and kids-journals. And let’s not forget the   fun- part of going together with your classmates to enjoy the culture of a high quality film in a real cinema! Today, not many families have the means to go watch a film in the cinema.

This year´s festival offered a great opportunity to put into the spotlight the project SyrieBack2School that the Dutch SI clubs have initiated in cooperation with Unicef. The aim of this project is to enable Syrian refugee children in the refugee camps in Turkey to go to school. Therefore the theme of the film festival is refugee-children and integration.

Initiated for the first time in 2009 by a joined effort of 4 SI Clubs, today’s festival has grown to 12 SI clubs, 12 locations and over 8400 participating children. A foundation has been set up for the central organization to coordinate the selection of the films, of the public relations and the support to the 12 different local SI clubs, thus proving a more and more professional operation of it all. Only once we had to invent the wheel, now it’s running and the Soroptimist flag is waving at 12 cinema’s. And each year more SI clubs join in enabling more children to enjoy and learn about the Rights of the Child!

Each location can give their own interpretation to the festival  and varies yearly and locally.For example, SI club Waterland organised the SFFK and before starting the movie, the children watched an interactive presentation where they themselves had to tell about the rights of the child. With each answer a colored ball of wool was tossed over the group of children which lead to a colorful tangle of wires. In another location the mayor together with the children’s mayor, opened the festival. Together they punctured a large balloon and hundreds of little notes featuring the Rights of the Child , whirled out over the crowd.

For more information, take a look at this website or contact us: Luc de Wit-Ybema: assen@soroptimist.nl  or  Janny Gielen  jannygielen@ziggo.nl

IMG_0018bHoogeveen SFFK Groningen_8